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My previous rants

Charities`                                      General Rants
Big Business and the Government    Second amendment        
Second amendment                         Public Relations  


   Some charities give a high percentage of the money INTRUSTED to them to the end user.  Some give very little of the money that they are      given, and in most countries, they would be called THIEVES.

       The way to tell is through there administrative and other costs. A good charity should have a low percentage of the money donated to them used for these purposes. 

    My biggest peeve are these $100 (or some other number) a plate dinners for the homeless (or some other group).  Think about it.   You go to a restaurant or hotel or another local and eat food and drink alcohol and smoke cigars. 
    After the food and drink are paid for, the entertainment has to be paid, along with the fee for using the hotel.  Then the money has to go through the usual administrative fees.  Advertising, handling, etc.etc.etc.

    A lot of these great dinners give less then $15 a plate to the end target.  Do yourself and the needy a favor.  Take your $100, keep $30 for your troubles.  Go eat at Red Lobster for $30.  Buy a nice $10 bottle of wine and stay in.  Take the left over $30 to St. Vincent De Paul, or another good charity.  Use the $30 you kept for your trouble to make up for the lack of a $100 tax deduction.

    For more information please see The National Charities Information Bureau

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Public relations

"The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance:  the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy."  Alex Carey.

Everything you see, or here, is spin.  It is conceived, manufactured, packaged, repackaged, distributed, and sold to you, by public relations to either 1) make money for their clients, and/or, 2) shed a positive light on their clients no matter what BS they are pulling.

About a year ago the word "spin" received a lot of public playing in what I perceive to be an attempt to "water-down" the meaning.   It played spin to be something all politicians do to shed positive light on a half-truths.  They didn't lie to us, they just spun it to make it appear not so bad.

SPIN is BAD  Spin is a lie.   Spin is meant to mislead you in many important decisions regarding your life,   The spinmaster is more often then not boldly LYING.

SPIN IS EVERYWHERE.  You get it from your TV 24/7.  You get it from your news sources.  To make more money, staff is cut.  Filler is provided by PR companies.  It is written by journalists working for the PR company.

SPIN WILL SEND YOU TO YOUR DEATH.   The Persian Gulf War was sold to us by spin.  The royal family of Kuwait hired a dozen or more PR and law firms.  One PR firm set up a group called The Citizens for a Free Kuwait, to make it appear that this group was a grass-roots movement.  They also had a stable of 50 professional speakers on the payroll to speak at pro-war rallies.   They talked about "the peaceful democracy of Kuwait."  Kuwait was, and still is, little more then a despotism.  They showed you "smart technology" and "precision strikes" that left the civilian population unscathed.  They did not show you where our B-52's carpet bombed entire villages killing tens of thousands of people.

America is the PR king.  Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist, learned much about propaganda from Edward Bernays.  Edward Bernays was central to the tobacco propaganda machine.  Tobacco is good, tobacco is healthy, etc.....

If not for you, THINK for your children

For more information visit The Center for Media and Democracy website.

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Big Business and the Government

    Is man capable of being governed?
    Are we up to the responsibility?
    Is each member of a society responsible for the actions of their government?

    Governments are put into place by a group of individuals who wish to control, or make efficient use of, the individuals being governed. 

    The government is responsible to the governed.   The individual is responsible for the actions of their government.  They are not their to further their own social-economic or personal agendas.  They are their to serve and protect the society that they govern.

   This experiment at this time is a miserable failure.   They do not serve and protect.  They  do not act in the best interest of the general population.  But this alone is not their fault.  The fault lies with the individuals who put them there and do not watch them, or hold them accountable.  "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom- power is ever stealing from the many to the few." Wendell Philips

    The government, with Big Business, is eroding your liberties at an alarming pace.  Through the propaganda machine they are making deals, and selling our souls to further their own personal power.  This is not alone the fault of big business, for they cannot act in this manner without the consent of your government, and by default, you. 

    "Every country has the government it deserves."  Joseph Marie de Maistre

    Who did you vote for in the last election and why?
    Did you vote for someone because you like what they said?  What they said they were going to do?  Because they were a member of a party, and you always vote the ticket?  Because they convinced you that for a piece of your liberty, they would sell you security?
    My Father says, "Judge a man not by what he says he is going to do, but by what he does, and the company he keeps."

   "If the Government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have."   Gerald R. Ford

    They are good at trading your liberties for the illusion of security. 

   Who is the government now?
    The government now is one of Big Business and Lawyers,  Big business buys the voters with propaganda (furtherment of capitalistic gain).  The lawyers help make the law so confusing that you cannot have your day in court without them (job security.)  They pass volumes of confusing rhetoric, and you have to know it all, because ignorance is no excuse.  They make a government that uses heavy taxes to setup various departments to further their personal power and political agendas.  Not all departments are setup that way, but through the bureaucratic machine, they soon become that way.

    We are the greatest civilization since the Roman Empire.  At the current rate, we will be joining them shortly.  We, as individuals, are rapidly losing liberty and fast becoming a caste society.  At the same time we are collecting foreign enemies at an alarming rate.  The end result can only be war where the social-economic and the political elite use the the unfortunate and the innocent to further their own agendas.  If you are not the elite, you are the innocent or unfortunate. 
    But are you innocent or unfortunate if you put, or left in place, the political apparatus that placed you in a caste society and collected the enemies?

   It is past time for the masses to arise and stop the government from within, before others stop it from without.  Voting is the responsibility of each of us.  It is a primary responsibility.  It takes research and thought.  Judge the runners not by their splashy adds and their golden speech, but by their past actions, and the company they keep.

    Government lies.  Big Business lies.   Put aside convenience, the illusion of security, and your personal gains and think about it.

   Tell them what you think, and that you are an individual, endowed with inalienable rights.  You will not go quietly into the night!

(I will admit that I have been very lax in my responsibility to vote, and for that I am sorry..... But no more)

The United Sates Legislative Branch

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The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment gives the individual the right to keep and bear arms in defense of his/her

life, family, and property.  It is not subject to the misinformed majority rule of Democracy, but an inalienable right. 

    A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    There are those of you who believe that because we have a standing army and a National Guard, that this right is not an individual right.   There are those of you that are so misinformed by the media, that you believe that guns are a threat to your well being, and that if you take away the guns, people will not be killed by them.  There are those who do not believe in original intent.

    "On every question of construction let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning can be squeezed out of text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one which was passed." Thomas Jefferson

    The term regulated means disciplined.  Look it up in the Oxford dictionary, it is right there. 

    Militia means a militia of the people.  The Founding Fathers were very precise in their writings.  If they had meant a standing army they would have said "a general militia."  If they had meant the National Guard they would have said "a select militia"  They did not like the idea of a general militia, but realized its necessity.  The militia of the second amendment gave the people the ability to arm themselves and train to protect them from both foreign enemies, and if needed, the ability to protect themselves against the general militia.  They were completely against a select militia. 

    ...being necessary for the security of a free state.....  This specifically spells out that it is necessary for the people to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and their liberties against those who seek to take their liberties from them, including the State.

    The right of the people means the right of each individual in society.

    To keep and bear arms.  This means guns, rifles, "assault" weapons, shotguns, however modified, knives etc. that they can keep and bear.  It gives the people the ability to keep arms they feel necessary to protect their lives, liberty, and property from individuals, groups of individuals, and if necessary, the State.

    ...shall not be infringed.  Self explanatory.  

    The current trend of American law appears to be pass a law for the use of guns in violent crimes, but do not enforce it.  They then say the current law does not work so lets pass this new law, but not enforce it either.   In this way the State can say "gun laws don't work, how about repealing the second amendment.  A look at history when the people are disarmed.

    Don't think you need protection from the State

    Guns were used to kill approximately 35,000 people last year, but were used for self defense approximately 2,000,000 times.  In a   majority of those cases, simple brandishing of the gun was enough.  In every state where concealed carry permits are allowed, violent crime rates are down.  The lone women, or elderly person walking down the street in these states may be carrying a firearm which makes the would-be scumbag, murderer, or rapist think twice.

    In 1996 motor vehicle accidents claimed 43,449 lives, should we outlaw cars?

    A convincing look at statistics  

    Please readers, do not fall into the trap that if they take the guns, the problem will go away.  It is simply not the case.  What you will have is more law abiding citizens without arms, while the criminal element will lose just few.  Do not demand new laws, demand the repeal of laws that limit the ability of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms for their protection, and demand the enforcement of laws on criminals.

    Do not believe the media, they are not giving you the whole truth.
    Do not believe the government, they are not giving you the truth.

    Think for yourself

    The United Sates Legislative Branch

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General Rants

   It is not bad enough that they have sold you on the American Dream and you still believe it.  It is not bad enough that they dangle that carrot in front of you and you still chase it.

   You happily go about your stressed out life.  Happy because you don't have it as bad as those poor Haitians, Somalians, Balkan, etc......   Is that really happiness?

    It is not bad enough that you perpetuate the lie with your belief in it.  It is not bad enough that you teach your children it.   It is a convenient lie.  It is easier to believe the lie then live the truth.   When will you admit the lie to yourself, when it is to late?

    What really kills me is that you bust your ass to perpetuate it.  You are running my sheep, running for your slaughter. 

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Another General rant

They say that man is ever-evolving.   That we constantly adapt to our surroundings.  Is this a good thing if it is true?

    Am I evolving that much faster then everyone, to SEE the things I do?  Has everyone been left behind, so they don't see it?  Or am I behind the rest of mankind?  Have I not yet evolved enough to watch these things happen, and say nothing?

    We constantly put little thought into one of the most important aspects of our existence.  "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."  Thomas Jefferson spoke those words over two hundred years ago and they resoundly echo inside my mind.  But how many deaf ears does it fall upon?

    So now that you are not watching closely, they are taking your freedoms and are assisting in carrying out capitalistic imperialism on a large scale.  They are allowing corporations to ignore the sovereignty of there own nation, including the sovereignty of the United States.

    They scream "human rights" but get "most favored nation" status for China.  They yell "sweatshop labor," but repress the workers in their own nations under the nose of the nations leaders.

    They hide behind the "There isn't scientific proof that this or that" causes illness.  How long did it take before they said that about Tobacco/DDT/etc?

    How long until they say "Anti-biotic and steroid fed cattle cause immune system problems, cancer, heart disease, younger puberty ages and general craziness."  Have you noticed the increase in the rate of people "flipping out" or having "nervous breakdowns" or "vacationing" (I have.)

    How long before they admit that Nutra-sweet is poison, it is causing brain cancer, multiple sclerosis,  and  seizure disorders.   It is becoming more and more a FACT to many in the health industry, but they lack the "scientific proof" because all the studies they do cannot be traced "directly" to the Nutra Sweet.

    They have engineered seeds to to bear sterile seeds, forcing you to go to them for more seeds.  More and more of the food you depend on is being controlled by ser and smaller numbers.

    Yet they can FORCE sovereign nations against their will to import the genetically engineered and chemically altered food for consumption and use by their citizens.  Why would you have to force something like that.  It would be of an economic advantage to import the food without hassle, so why aren't they?   Because their scientists are looking out for the citizens.

    You may be sitting back and saying, "Oh, my Representative/Senator/ President (pick one) is looking out for my best interests."   Bullshit.  Unless you have contributed major effort/funding/help into putting them there, and even more to keep them there, they are to busy worrying about keeping the people that do, happy.

    So return to your happy little existences, but always remember, one day it will be your turn.............


National Charity Information Board

Center for Media and Democracy

U.S. Legislative Branch


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